Omnichannel – and the one question printers need to ask…

Omnichannel is one of those terms being bandied around by brand managers and marketers these days, usually mixed in with a lot of waffle about the ‘consumer journey’, ‘experiencing the brand’, ‘customer engagement strategy, ‘socially-connected consumers’ and the like.

Omnichannel retailing is supposed to include all sales channels – from bricks and mortar stores, to telephone sales, to online sales from a computer or mobile device. Straightforward enough you might think.

Marketing Plan Book When marketers use the ‘O’ word, you’d assume that omnichannel marketing was simply marketing across all channels – including print. However, chances are that ‘omnichannel’ is coming from the lips of digital marketer and their focus is on ‘social media engagement’, mobile apps, email marketing, paid search and pretty much anything except print.

So your job, as soon as the ‘O’ word gets mentioned, is simply to say, “I’m glad to see you’re taking an omnichannel approach to your marketing – you don’t want to miss any consumer touch-points. So how much of your budget is allocated to print?”




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