HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press – Quality meets Speed meets Productivity

The HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press is Hewlett Packard’s narrow-web printing solution for volume label and package production. Doesn’t sound overly exciting, but this press is the culmination of a number of technological developments that have combined to make digital inkjet print the technology of choice for an increasing number of commercial printing applications.

HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press

  • Quality – with the WS6800 you get gravure-like quality. Higher resolutions and improved inks mean that inkjet is no longer a ‘second-best’ option in terms of quality.
  • Speed – always cited as a disadvantage of inkjet, the WS6800 achieves throughput of up to 131 feet per minute – fast enough for many jobs.
  • Colour Gamut – with up to 7 colour printing matching up to 97% of Pantone colours together with the option of silver ink for a metallic look, previous colour limitations of inkjet just don’t apply.
  • Substrates – now you can use a huge range of synthetic and paper substrates from 0.5 to 18 pt. Another inkjet print constraint removed.

As inkjet printing evolves, all the perceived limitations are being overcome so that the full benefits of digital can be incorporated in commercial printing operations.

With the WS6800 Digital Press, high volume, high quality package and label printing can be achieved with all the efficiency and flexibility of digital print.

The WS6800 incorporates a number of features to maximise productivity – essential with the current demands for fast turnaround of shorter runs and increased customisation.

An inline spectrophotometer automates colour calibration while an inline scanner monitors the printed image against against the digital image master to identify any quality issues in real time. Advanced diagnostics ensure quick and accurate problem solving by on site operators or remote support.

With a press like the WS6800, you get all the traditional benefits of digital print – fast setup, quick changeover, customisation, less waste – combined with speed, quality and reliability.

With advanced workflow tools and a variety of converting solutions available, the HP Indigo WS6800 can produce an incredible variety of labels and packaging solutions with an ease and efficiency that cannot be achieved with traditional print technologies.

Small, incremental improvements over the years mean that digital inkjet is now the technology of choice for an increasing number of commercial printing jobs. The limiting factors – mostly speed, print quality and limited substrates – are now at the point where they are more than ‘good enough’ for the vast majority of commercial applications.

When you look at the productivity gains and cost savings achieved from using a highly automated, flexible digital press like the HP Indigo WS6800, old arguments over digital are just that – old.

For more information on HP Indigo Label and Packaging Presses visit the HP web site.




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