Canon launches Océ Arizona 6100 Series flatbed printer for rigid media – better quality; faster turnaround

Canon has launched the Océ Arizona 6100 Series flatbed printers aimed at sign and display printers producing over 30,000m² of printed rigid media per annum.

As you would expect from a modern inkjet, print quality is top drawer with near photographic results from the six colour 6160 XTS and the seven colour 6170 XTS.

The key factors for business are the design features that mean these printers will maximise throughput – fast setup, fast print, fast cleaning and cleardown.

Canon Oce Arizona 6170XTS

The Arizona 6100 Series churns out the jobs at speeds up to 155m² per hour. An Automated Printhead Maintenance System provides completely automated, hands-free printhead cleaning in less than 25 seconds per colour.

Crucially, the flatbed table has two independent printing zones, each with its own vacuum system, for simultaneous printing and media loading/unloading, so that one board can prepped while the other is being printed. Alternatively, the two zones can be combined into one to enable 2.5m x 3.05m prints.

Pneumatic registration pins ensure quick, accurate loading of rigid media – first time. Together with a high-flow vacuum system for effective pull-down of even warped rigid media, it means that the operator needs only seconds to load even the largest boards, with little potential for screw-ups.

Canon maintains a single operator can comfortably service two printers simultaneously, producing almost 50 boards per hour in production mode.

If you are struggling to meet the demands of your rigid media order book, or if you are looking to expand your rigid media business, the Océ Arizona 6100 Series might fit the bill.

Further details from Canon Europe or your local Canon Business Dealer.


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